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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Assignment

So, now that we are on a whole different topic, the requirements are to be different as well. Don’t you think that if subjects are different the work would be different as well? Especially, when the gets tricky and complicated, its assignment must get better. Supply Chain Management Assignment is not an easy job as it contains lots of other topics. And if you include them but won’t provide their detail, that would leave a negative impact on the teacher.

Moreover, you need to create this assignment more with the figures and diagrams. Instead, if you use words to explain, you’ll fail at the very start. Let’s start with what is Supply chain management? SCM is the management of the flow of goods and services including all the processes that turn raw materials into final products. This implies an active rationalization of the company’s supply side to maximize customer value and gain a competitive advantage. SCM represents supplier efforts to develop and implement the most efficient and cost-effective supply chains. The supply chain covers everything from production to product development to the information systems needed to manage these companies.

Apart from all the theory, it is a broad concept that requires a lot more than just managing the goods. SCM also contains design, planning, execution, and control. That might involve monitoring the supply chain activities as well. While creating a supply chain management assignment, one must consider all the factors that can make it better than any other submission. That is something a newbie will never able to achieve. Which is why our experts are here to do you work for you. But with better presentation and even better material.

Supply Chain Management Assignment

Problems in Supply Chain Management

Customer Service:

Supply Chain Management consists of delivering the right product in the right quantity, at the right place, at the right time.

Cost control

Operating costs are under heavy pressure due to increased energy and fuel costs and freight rates, increased global customer numbers, technology, higher labor rates, and new rules and higher prices of basic products.

Planning and risk management

To be as efficient and effective as possible, periodic evaluations and redesigns are necessary. These adjustments respond to changes in the market: changes such as new product launches, global supply, availability of credit, and the need to protect intellectual property.

Managing relationships between suppliers and partners:

it is important to create, understand and comply with mutually agreed standards in order to better understand current performance and opportunities for improvement. With two different methods of measuring and sharing data, the results waste time and effort. Trust the system that was implemented to get consistent results and improve relationships between suppliers and partners.


It is increasingly difficult to find qualified and interested talents. Supply chain managers need extensive knowledge of key competencies and responsibilities required for supply chain management roles, and the ability to effectively acquire sets of specific skills and methods for developing future leaders.

Example of Supply Chain Management

Understanding the importance of SCM for their business, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. focused on transforming its supply chain in 2016. The company operates the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States and needs to effectively manage and review your supply chain so that it remains. waiting for changes in trends and continuing to give value to your result.

“As of July 5, 2016, Walgreens has invested in the technological part of its supply chain. A promising SCM has been introduced that synthesizes relevant data and uses analysis to predict customer buying behavior and then paves the way down the supply chain to meet expected demand. For example, a company can anticipate influenza models, allowing you to accurately predict the stocks needed for over-the-counter flu remedies, creating an efficient supply chain with a small amount of waste. Using this SCM, a company can reduce excess inventory and all costs associated with inventory, such as storage and transportation costs.”

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