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Psychology Assignment

Psychology Assignment Online

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Psychology Assignment

10 Basic PSYCHOLOGY Disciplines for Psychology Assignment

Abnormal psychology:

this field addresses abnormal behavior in mental health. The study examines psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and mental illnesses, such as eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, and several counselors and therapists work directly in this area.

Cognitive psychology:

topics such as perception, attention, thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, memory, language, and emotions are key to cognitive psychology, which deals with internal mental states. Cognitive psychology is the main field of research, although some experts consult for business.

Developmental psychology:

Research in this area consists of cognitive, emotional and social changes that occur throughout life. This is another area that focuses mainly on research, although some developmental psychologists help assess the effectiveness of intervention programs, such as Head Start.

Pedagogical psychology:

This area is suitable for teaching students, teaching psychology and a wide range of educational topics, such as talent, learning deficiencies and how parents, teachers, and administrators can improve their learning outcomes.

Health psychology:

health psychology seeks to understand how certain psychological, behavioral and cultural factors contribute to physical health and disease. Health psychologists promote healthy behaviors and work to prevent and treat diseases and diseases; Health-related concerns may include quitting smoking, managing stress, controlling weight and nutrition.

Industrial and organizational psychology:

this field applies psychological principles in the workplace. The research is aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency, motivation, and other real problems. An important subfield is a human factor, which considers the interaction of a person and a computer to improve the work of people with certain products and machines.


neuropsychology combines psychology with neurology to study the psychological effects of the nervous system. Examples of research questions may include how changes in brain chemistry, due to traumas, environmental factors or hormones, affect mental health and behavior.

Personality psychology:

this field analyzes the individual differences that make people unique. The patterns, feelings, and behavior are analyzed from an individual perspective, in order to shed light on how individuals develop and how to classify different types of people. Several theories of personality appeared, such as psychoanalytic, behavioral and humanistic theories.

Social psychology:

how do people’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings depend on others? Social psychology is trying to answer these questions. This field closes the gap between psychology and sociology, analyzing a person according to the presence (or perceived presence) of other people. Social psychology considers issues such as nonverbal communication, leadership, social interactions, group behavior and social influences in decision making.

Sports psychology:

this area addresses the relationship between psychological issues and sports, exercise and exercise. Some professionals help athletes and professional coaches with motivation and efficiency, while others can help people use exercise and sports to improve their well-being.

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