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Java Assignment Online

Java Assignment Online

Everyone owning a PC running Windows OS will encounter JAVA at a certain stage. However, that is a program that you need in order to run certain applications. Java language is something else that you usually see on the web. While you are running scripts on the web pages. Now, if it is a language then there is a change that people are making assignments. And some of them might require help in their java assignment. Since not everyone is a fan of java language because it is complicated and difficult.

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Java Assignment Online

OOP Concepts in JAVA

The concepts of OOP in Java are the basic ideas of object-oriented Java programming. This is an abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Capturing them is the key to understanding how Java works. In principle, Java OOP concepts allow us to create work methods and variables and then reuse all or part of them without compromising

There are four basic concepts of OOP in Java.


Abstraction means using simple things to represent complexity. We all know how to turn on the TV, but we don’t need to know how it works to enjoy it. In Java, abstraction means simple things, such as objects, classes, and variables, which are more complex codes and basic data. This is important because it allows you not to repeat the same work several times.


This is the practice of storing fields inside a private class and then giving them access using public methods. This is a security barrier that protects data and code within the class itself. Thus, we can reuse objects as code components or variables, preventing open access to the data of the entire system.


This is a feature of object-oriented programming in Java. This allows programmers to create new classes that share some attributes of existing classes. This allows us to take advantage of previous work without reinventing the wheel.


This concept of Java OOP allows programmers to use the same word to mean different things in different contexts. One form of polymorphism in Java is method overloading. That is, when the code itself implies different values. Another way is the cancel method. It is then that different values are implied by the values of the variables set.

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