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Data Structure Assignment

Data Structure Assignment

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Data Structure Assignment

Data Structure and Its Types:

Data structures are used to store data on a computer in an organized manner. Different types of data structures:

  • Stack – it works first in order of departure.
  • Cola-First first. First, the inserted item is first deleted.
  • Related list: data is stored linearly.
  • Trees: store data nonlinearly with the root node and trays.

Types of data structure:

  • Lists: a group of similar elements with the ability to connect to previous and/or next data elements.
  • Arrays: a set of uniform values.
  • Records: a set of fields where each field consists of data belonging to a data type.
  • Trees: This type of data structure follows an ordered order of insertion, deletion, and modification of data elements.
  • Tables: They are similar to records where the result or data manipulation is reflected for the entire table.
  • Linear data structure: list of fashion data is an example of storage or structure of linear data. A linked list stores data in an organized and linear way.
  • Nonlinear data structure: The tree data structure is an example of a non-linear data structure. The tree has a node called the root node, which is a starting point that contains data and links to other nodes.

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